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Waterproof roof


The AIRDÔME is an individual skylight installed in a waterproof terrace membrane in all types of building (public access, workplaces and industrial buildings).


  • Optimal air renewal: The different opening positions allow the height to be set according to how much fresh air is required.
  • Improves comfort in the building: An AIRDÔME skylight allows fresh air to be circulated and the temperature and humidity within the building to be reduced.
  • Three energy choices:Manual opening: thanks to the action of a crankshaft on a 175mm worm. • Electric opening: thanks to the action of a 300mm electric cylinder, which is connected to an electric current (220 volts)
  • Available in RT12 and RT12+ ranges: In order to respond to new statutory thermal requirements, the AIRDÔME is available in two thermal insulation ranges: • RT12: Urc = 1.80 W/m²K (Polycarbonate 16 mm multi-wall + insulated kerb + EPDM joints) • RT12+: Urc = 1.50 W/m²K (Polycarbonate 16 mm with LUMIRA aerogel + insulated kerb + joints) View all the thermal conductance values relating to skylight dimensions using our app.


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