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Ventilation option

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SKYDÔME offers tailor-made solutions for ventilating premises: • Permanent ventilation 1m2 (VPM2). Ventilation system on special kerb.* • Electric ventilation kit. Electric opening system using a cylinder. Can be supplied as a kit or fitted in the factory.


  • Our patented kits (no. 0213012) are delivered with detailed installation instructions allowing easy set-up, and are compatible with our systems manufactured in 1998 or later, whatever their dimensions.
  • The Permanent ventilation option is available on the following systems: - SKYDÔME - SKYCLAIR - PASSADÔME
  • Permanent ventilation It is simple to use: The kerb is equipped with 4 x 4 fixed blades (as standard) which allow the free circulation of air, and a constant exchange of the air inside the buildings (ventilation per blade: 0.0625m2 / linear metre) (diagram 1). The inner side of the kerb is equipped as standard with a 10mm anti-pest mesh. An optional insect screen is available.
  • Electric ventilation kit SKYDÔME has developed an adaptable electrical ventilation system for pneumatic smoke evacuation outlets. This new system takes into account the different inclinations of the systems and the roof. Thanks to this innovation, the ventilation system is independent of the compressed air network needed for smoke evacuation and operates on the 220-volt electricity network. The system is completely locked after closing the electric cylinder.
  • The Permanent Ventilation Kerb is ideal for new buildings and is also available as an adapter plate for refurbishment.

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