• 1957

    SKYDÔME, light from the skies
    In 1957 a French entrepreneur, F. BARRAT, acquired ‘SKYDÔME’, la lumière du ciel, (light from the skies) patent and brand during a business trip to the United States.

    Premier brevet de la marque Skydome - 1957
  • 1959

    He introduced it into France in 1959 and began the manufacture of skylights at Pierrefitte-sur-Seine, near Paris. This new natural daylighting system for flat-roof rooms progressively evolved: it was enriched with new functions and became a complete system that ensured the evacuation of fumes, ventilation of the premises and access to the roof.

  • Usine Skydome 1961

    Quickly, the almost craft based production methods could not meet the demand. In 1961, F. BARRAT took the decision to increase the production area: he bought an old spinning mill in Sons-et-Ronchères, in the department of Aisne, and transferred the company there. At that time, about ten people were producing 150 to 200 skylights per month.

  • 1964 à 1969

    Two decisive factors contributed to the accelerated development of the company: the developments in construction of industrial buildings and the entry into force of legislation requiring the installation of smoke evacuation systems in buildings with public access. SKYDÔME regularly expanded its workshops, improved its manufacturing processes and broadened its ranges by developing new skylight models. At that time, around 1500 systems were being produced per month.

    Atelier Lanterneaux de désenfumage - 1969
  • 1977

    The SKYDÔME brand, supported by numerous advertising campaigns in the professional media (Moniteur des TP, L’Architecture Française...), became the generic skylight brand in France.

  • 1978

    Purchased by GERLAND ETANCHÉITÉ in 1978 - becoming AXTER, a subsidiary of SMAC ACIEROÏD, in 1990 - the company continued its activities keeping its brand name SKYDÔME.

  • 1999

    AXTER created the skylight department using the name "SKYDÔME", which is both the skylight trademark and the name of the industrial division in charge of "natural smoke evacuation and daylighting". At this period, all the department’s activities were located on the site at Sons-Et-Ronchères: production, customer service, design office, research and development service and the installation service, which was branded "ESSEMES SERVICES..

  • 2002

    The development of the activity required expanding the production area by releasing the areas used for offices and packaging. The offices were then redeveloped and a logistics warehouse was built.

  • 2006

    The group acquired AMS INDUSTRIE, a specialist in the manufacture and installation of vaults and smoke evacuation equipment - 30 staff members, €4.5 m turnover, based in Ouges, in the Cote d’Or. These activities complemented those historically developed by SKYDÔME perfectly. The merger with AMS INDUSTRIE allowed SKYDÔME to enrich and diversify its offer.

  • 2011

    SKYDÔME inaugurated a new polycarbonate sheet glazing machine (for roofing and cladding) with Lumira aerogel, in Ouges, Cote d’Or. SKYDÔME became the first international French group to benefit from an unprecedented partnership with CABOT CORP. for the production of equipment containing Lumira aerogel. Through this partnership, CABOT CORP. unequivocally showed its willingness to partner a renowned group whose goal is more responsible and sustainable construction for tomorrow.

  • 2011

    SKYDÔME obtained ISO 14001 certification.

  • 2013 À 2015

    Total renovation of the Sons-et-Ronchères site
    Demolition of old historic buildings dating back to 1866
    Extension of the 3500m² sheet metal workshop
    Renovation of the existing production building envelope
    Construction of a 900 m² office building on two levels
    Redevelopment of the old administrative building into social premises .