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Arcalam Evolupneu adapter plate

Renovation - Dry roof - Waterproof roof


The ARCALAM EVOLUPNEU ADAPTER PLATE is a SHEVS, which responds to the requirements for smoke evacuation and natural ventilation. It can be installed on various supports, such as: waterproof terrace membrane, roof tiles, slates, steel covering, northlights, glass roofs (with a slope of 5° to 60°). They can be installed in all types of building being renovated or refurbished (public access, workplaces and industrial buildings).


  • Low level of wind exposure: The negligible wind exposure allows for optimal use in terms of ventilation in regions with high wind levels.
  • Reliability and durability: The ARCALAM EVOLUPNEU ADAPTER PLATE owes its excellent reliability to the design of its blade translation system, which places little effort on the mechanism’s elements.
  • Easy to install: The ARCALAM EVOLUPNEU ADAPTER PLATE is delivered ready to be attached to the command module.
  • Low energy consumption: The ARCALAM EVOLUPNEU ADAPTER PLATE motorisation allows operation with low pneumatic energy consumption, regarding both the volume of CO2 cartridges and the flow and pressure of the compressed air networks.

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