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6mm tube 1200 joules fall arrest grid

Dry roof - Waterproof roof - Renovation


Available in all our products, the 6mm tube 1200 joules fall arrest grid is made of 16 x 6 mm galvanized tubes with a 130mm spacing between the bars. It is tested according to the 1200 Joules test for new appliances. The test consists of hanging a 50kg bag (standard bag) at a height of 2.40m and allowing it to drop.


  • Wide dimensional range to prevent any personnel falling as they move across the roof alongside our skylights.
  • The grid can be painted to harmonise the colour with that of the kerb.
  • No reduction in ventilation performance of SHEVS equipped with grids.
  • The distance between the bars prevents unwanted access into the premises.
  • The 1200 joules is guaranteed on our systems fitted with the grid at the factory or on site.

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