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Pyromax adapter plate



The PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE is a SHEVS used in renovation or conformity in all types of building (public access, workplaces and industrial buildings). The PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE is the favoured option for large buildings which require smoke evacuation systems with several devices. The opening control of the PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE must be connected to a pneumatic box (Manual Control Device) by copper piping.


  • Unmatched ventilation performance: Thanks to the PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE’s 3 versions (SD, AD and AD+), you can respect the regulations and requirements for each different type of building.
  • Integrated mechanisms: The opening and closing mechanisms of the PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE are completely integrated into the kerb height, in operation, in both the open and closed position. They therefore do not interfere with the various networks and possible equipment on the underside of the ceiling. The system is delivered fully assembled. The cylinders are connected at the factory. There is just one connection to be made when installing.
  • Available in RT12 and RT12+ ranges: In order to respond to new statutory thermal requirements, the  PYROMAX ADAPTER PLATE is available in two thermal insulation ranges: • RT12: Polycarbonate 16 mm multi-wall + insulated kerb + joints ) • RT12+: Polycarbonate 16 mm multi-wall with LUMIRA aerogel + insulated kerb + joints)

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