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Arcadef GD Evolupneu

Waterproof roof


The ARCADEF GD ÉVOLUPNEU range is made up of two SHEVS, which respond to the requirements for natural smoke evacuation and ventilation across a wide range of dimensions. They are perfectly integrated into the daylighting function of the ARCADE ARCH. They can be installed in all types of building (public access, workplaces and industrial buildings).


  • Wide dimensional range: Thanks to its wide range of sizes, the ARCADEF GD ÉVOLUPNEU range can be used in different dimensions to optimise your project.
  • Adaptable with the ARCADE ARCH: The ARCADEF GD ÉVOLUPNEU adapts perfectly to the natural daylighting function of the ARCADE ARCHES with a 1.50 to 5m span.
  • Reinforced airtightness: The ARCADEF GD ÉVOLUPNEU has a series of peripheral joints which reinforce the airtightness.

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