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Aérogel Lumira

Dry roof - Waterproof roof - Renovation


To meet the requirements of the new RT 2012, Skydôme® strongly supports the energy challenge launched by the Grenelle de l'Environnement by proposing a new technological solution based on aerogel. In the form of tiny pellets, Skydome® Lumira aerogel TM is a new material with excellent energy efficiency characteristics. Integrated into Skydôme® glazings, LumiraTM technology enhances the thermal and sound insulation properties of skylights, minimizes heat loss, distributes light evenly and reduces solar factor.


  • Humidity and UV Resistance: Hydrophobic and water-repellent; colour and performance stability when ageing.
  • Reduced Sound Transmission: Acoustic weakening of 22 dB for a 16 mm panel.
  • Minimised Heat Transfer: Reduction of heat loss, enhancement of the solar factor, reduction of the energy consumption and awning saving.
  • Diffused Light: Higher Transmission of the natural light, better light scatter, dazzle suppression.
  • Unrivalled Thermal Insulation: Ug = 1,31W/m²K (with a 16mm panel)

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