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XKT 1051 Electro-magnetic kit

Dry roof - Waterproof roof

To enable the servo control of your actuated safety devices (ASD), we offer scalable installation kits. Simple to implement, thanks to the possibility of combining a basic kit and several satellites (mechanical, pneumatic, electric), the ELECTRO-MAGNETIC XKT 1051 KIT can control the following devices: - PYRODÔME - PYROPASS - PYROTOP - ROOFLAM - Any other CE certified skylight The XKT 1051 ELECTRO-MAGNETIC KIT is recommended for use in family 3A buildings, which have more than 7 floors, where the furthest landing door is no more than 7 metres from the stairwell, and which have street access to the stairwell on the ground floor.


  • Composition of the electro-magnetic and smoke detection trigger kit: - 1 electro-magnetic 24 volts circuit breaker crank handle - 15 m of cable - 1 cable clamp - 2 enclosed pulleys - 1 offset pulley - 2.5 m of protective cable sheath - 1 break glass case - 1 smoke detector with battery - 1 detection head - Fasteners

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