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Arcafaçade Evoluélec


The ARCAFAÇADE ÉVOLUÉLEC is a SHEVS, which responds to the requirements for smoke evacuation, natural ventilation and airflow. It is positioned on a slope between 60° and 90° rather than on the horizontal. It can be installed on cladding (translucent, steel, wood), on northlight (glass, polycarbonate) or on the façade (brick, curtain walls), in all types of building (public access, workplaces and industrial buildings).


  • Easy to install: Whichever version of the ARCAFAÇADE ÉVOLUÉLEC you choose, it is delivered ready to be attached to the command module.
  • It provides natural ventilation and airflow: The ARCAFAÇADE ÉVOLUÉLEC can also be used for the following functions: - natural ventilation (increases air circulation) - airflow: generally positioned in a low section, the ARCAFAÇADE ÉVOLUÉLEC allows fresh air to enter into the depression created by smoke evacuation.
  • Low energy consumption: The 24 volt electric cylinder requires 1 ampere.
  • Aesthetics: The ARCAFAÇADE ÉVOLUÉLEC has been totally designed with extruded aluminium profiles, making it very rigid with outstanding aesthetics.

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