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Skyclair adapter plate



The SKYCLAIR ADAPTER PLATE (bevelled kerb with 83mm heel) can adapt to any type of kerb (steel, concrete, etc.) in order to bring the system up to standard or to change its original function, while maintaining the existing kerb.


  • Adapting to the support: The standard heel is 83mm, but this can be adapted according to the support.
  • Available in RT12 and RT12+ ranges: In order to respond to new statutory thermal requirements, the  SKYCLAIR ADAPTER PLATE is available in two thermal insulation ranges: • RT12: Polycarbonate 16 mm multi-wall + insulated kerb + joints ) • RT12+: Polycarbonate 16 mm multi-wall with LUMIRA aerogel + insulated kerb + joints View all the thermal conductance values relating to skylight dimensions using our app 

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